she's made of outer space
her lips are like the galaxy's edge
her kiss the color of a constellation falling into place
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Keep the romance alive by dying, staying dead for two years, and then surprising your lover in a romantic location, like a colony under attack by a mysterious alien force

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imagine getting drafted into war and seeing your internet buddy there

"holy shit, is that you, bongfucker666?"

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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag scenery.

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30 Day Video Game Typography Challenge
     24. Use One Word

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Some guy just whistled at me while driving by and my dad goes “don’t worry, that was for me”

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liking someone’s selfie takes two seconds and it boosts their self esteem by 203948204

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Alternative names for the Mass Effect games 

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420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through

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"People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven."
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spectre or N7?

N7 is the vocational code in the Systems Alliance military. The “N” designates special forces and the “7” refers to the highest level of proficiency. It applies to marines who have graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program. Initially, candidates train for more than 20 hours per day, leading small combat teams through hostile terrain with little sleep or food. Trainees who do well are rewarded an internal designation of N1 and are invited to return. Subsequent courses - N2 through N6 - are often held off-planet and include instruction in zero-G combat, military free-fall (parachuting), jetpack flight, combat diving, combat instruction, linguistics, and frontline trauma care for human and alien biology. The highest grade of training, N6, provides actual combat experience in combat zones throughout the galaxy. If the trainee survives these scenarios in “admirable and effective fashion”, he or she finally receives the coveted N7 designation. N7 is the only ICT designation that may be worn on field or dress uniforms.

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